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gooey 2.0

Ever wondered what it's like on the other side of your computer screen?
So have gooeyTEAM, leading them to investigate by devising an interactive piece of performance art called 'Doing the Gooey'. The Gooey is the G.U.I - the graphic user interface (to give your computer screen its proper name) - and the performance brings elements of your computer interaction to life! Emails are paper aeroplanes, windows are rolled out with toilet paper & if it all gets too much - the rainbow umbrella is put up & spun in defiance! Gooey 2.0 presented an 'updated' version of the Gooey, bringing the screen into the 21st century with all it's wonderful interactive possibilities. Audience members became more than mere onlookers and
could log-in to the Gooey, aided by a giant Clippy help icon, where the flat screen world they had just been staring at on screen became a frighteningly fleshy and fantastic reality.

CCA / Cryptic Nights, Glasgow, October 2010

For more information download pdf

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Performers & Programmers:
Innes Smith as Clippy, gooeyTEAM as LOGIN and CLOCK and other freelance actors

October 2010, CCA Glasgow / Cryptic Nights
(Photos: gooeyTEAM and Richard Glassey)

Alt W Price 2010